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Event Marketing & Management
Event Marketing


Mobile Marketing Tours
Touring displays that visit a group of markets to promote a brand or product.

Product Sampling
Hand-to-hand distribution of product or info, usually at fairs, sporting, or lifestyle events.

Owner Loyalty Events
Private events for product owners & users, to enhance their product experience & loyalty.

Event Sponsorship
Find or create event sponsorship opportunities which best fit your brand's goals, objectives, & image.

Sponsorship Activation
On-site activities and efforts which capitalize-on & maximize the benefits your organization gets from your event sponsorship.

Fan Fests
Fan hospitality areas at sporting or entertainment events.

Weekend Tournaments
A weekend opportunity for sports fans to play and compete in sports they enjoy, while the sponsor receives significant exposure and promotion.

Trade Show Experience
Experiential trade show booth which will immerse attendees in your brand & product.

Entertainment and/or fun activities at a retail facility, to draw past and new customers to the store.


Generate Brand Awareness

Educate an Audience

Drive Traffic To Web Site or Retail

Instigate Trial of Product

Motivate Purchase

Create an Image



For more information about Rev It Up!'s event marketing services, contact Jim Lorimer at:




PO Box 4679
Glen Allen, VA 23058


Are you interested in building brand recognition, stimulating sales, and/or creating an image for your product or organization?  If so, Rev It Up! can help!  We provide creative concepts, logistical planning, and operations management for event marketing programs and initiatives.

We can develop event marketing programs which will immerse your target audience in your brand, provide opportunities and motivation to try your product, and/or create an image that will make people want to be associated with your product or brand.

In addition, we can carry out all of the steps required to execute event marketing programs; either your concept or ours.
  • Establishing timelines
  • Hiring and training staff
  • Vendor sourcing, negotiation, & selection
  • Selection of appropriate media
  • Budget management
  • Writing post-event reports
  • Ensuring that all programs are executed on strategy and within budget

Call Jim at Rev It Up! today if you would like to hear how we can help your product be on the minds of your target audience, and thus help your sales finish ahead of the competition!